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Its not a secret that I love one of my nephew over another. Yes I know its wrong but its not inexplicable.

I used to take Akshaj on a ride across the room on my shoulders…everyday…he enjoyed it even though he won’t remember it. But good days those were in Inderpuri when three of us used to live together.

But then we moved along as my brothers moved on. It happens but the love remains. I never got a chance or time to do with Nevaan (Neevu I call him) as I did with Akshaj. But the fact fact of the matter is that they are both awesome in their own ways.

Whereas Akshaj excels in creativity like music, painting and books, Neevu excels in worldly-wise things. Neevu is doing great and I am writing this blog for Neevu.

Neevu is an awesome speaker. Neevu’s cuteness and way of expressing things speaks for itself…so without further ado I give you his latest video. As a pre note let me tell you once upon a time I remembered 120 of them myselg…but I tell you I never expressed myself as awesomely as he does…pay attention to when he answer to Abu Dhabi’s capital 🙂

Check all his cute videoes here:

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